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What’s a blog for?

July 31, 2007

I was thinking on the way to work about what to put in my blog. I think it’s cool to have personal stuff on a blog, but a) who cares? and b) how much time do I really want to give to writing about my life? Honestly, I need more time to enjoy my life. And the more 2.0 tools I find, the more I want to play with them.

I don’t have web access at home, which is probably good. I’d end up spending all day on the computer. Sunday I worked on a Wink project, and three hours flew by like the wind. When I was done, my shoulder ached and I still hadn’t gotten my bills written or laundry done. This is what having a computer does to me. I get way deep into it. I’ve seen the same thing happen to my kiddo–he could play for hours, foregoing food and everything else, if I didn’t make him eat and take a break.

As we’ve learned in karate: balance, balance, balance.

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