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A flurry of 2.0

August 1, 2007

Wow, man. At today’s DC meeting, we reviewed our 2.0 projects, and things are just moving right along. I realized that I needed to add a whole ‘nother section to my tutorial, screencasting how to start a account. So what I’ve had to do, is to uninstall the buttons on this laptop, and then start a brand new account ( and then install everything again. So it looks like we’re doing it for the first time, but I’m actually making a account for the third time. Anyway, the tutorial is up, along with Kay’s expert videos, on the dc wiki.

There has been a problem with posting the screencast. Sean had to do all kinds of computing to put it on acpl’s blog server. I didn’t know we had one! So if I want to post another screencast, I’ll have to send it to him. I don’t like having to bother him with such stuff.

This morning, I created a new account for Google Docs, so I can use it for that tutorial.

As I was sitting in the meeting clutching my paper purse calendar, I was thinking, CRUD! I don’t want to have to open this laptop to see what the schedule is like on Monday (we’re planning a sort of open work session). I really could use a PDA. But that would be what, a hundred bucks or so? Do they work with Groupwise?

And, Chris sent me a who’ bunch of pictures this morning from our trip to the beach and our canoe trip. I think I’m just going to put them all into Picasa. Maybe they’ll be, like, super-simple to upload from my Gmail. I hope.

Had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and guess what I did? Crocheted. So low-tech, and soothing. I was going to exercise tonight, but Chris’s daughter won some free Wizards tickets, so we’re going there instead. I can exercise tomorrow, or the next day.

By the way, watching the video, I noticed how pudgy I looked! 😮

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