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My Wittle Fwiend

August 7, 2007

Last Thursday, I bought a Palm Z22 handheld device. What a fun little tool! What finally drove me over the edge was sitting in my Digital Collaborative meeting, looking at my paper calendar and being unable to tell whether I could make the lab that was planned for this Monday. I thought I could make it until I came back to the branch and remembered that someone was on vacation Monday. So I ended up not going, but on Thursday I bought a PDA and I love it.

I actually bought a handheld organizer way back in the early ’90s to help me with my schedule. I don’t know what happened to it, but I think it’s funny that there were organizers back then.

So far, I have entered all my personal engagements in it. Also, I put in all work meetings, programs and other important stuff. Then I found out from Cutie Pie that I could probably put our entire work schedule into it. So now I can see what’s going on here at the branch on my itty-bitty PDA. Scheduling recurring events is as easy as Groupwise. The drawback is, however, that you can’t sync it with Groupwise or Gmail’s calendar, unless you jump through multiple hoops. I just don’t have time, thank you.

Yesterday, I downloaded some trial software to do my personal finances with–checkbook and bill-paying. Last year, I bought a gorgeous ledger-size check register and I’ve been recording my checking transactions in it since then, but I’m happy to switch over to the PDA.

Today, I recorded and rendered my Google Docs screencast and rewrote the page. So that is done! I can’t believe I created two tutorials. Wow!

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