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RSS, Twitter, Facebook and blogs: shifting gears

October 4, 2007

This week, I removed the Meebo gadget from the GRB blog. I had thrown it up there after getting all inspired by Stephen Abram, but found out quickly that you can’t keep a chat window up on your blog if you’re not going to be in front of your computer all the time. I really wanted to try to get people to chat with us for whatever reason (mostly reference), but it’s just not practical. I’m not surprised that it wasn’t really feasible, but I am the type of person who has to experiment and make mistakes before I am convinced something won’t work. I appreciate the experiment/play/learn aspect of our Learning 2.0 program for allowing us to try stuff out and see what works and what doesn’t. I don’t like being told something is “inappropriate” or having an idea shot down before I get to try it. Thanks to the philosophy of this program for the freedom to learn!

I made kind of a mental shift this week in my learning process. The L2.0 program is out here for us all to learn how these tools work. And like little babies, we experiment and play and learn how they work first for ourselves. This week I sort of wrote off Facebook as something I can find personally useful; and now the next step is to think about how patrons use it and how libraries can use it. It takes a bit of stepping outside oneself to change the point of view, to think about how others might use it. That’s relatively easy–how I used it as an individual might be similar to how another individual would use it. The major shift, though, comes into play when I think about how we could use it as an organization, specifically, my branch. What would a Grabill Branch facebook look like? Hmm, I’m not sure. But it’s important to ask the question, even if I’m not ready to work on the project.

An easier crossover happened yesterday when I added an RSS feed for Twitter to our branch’s blog. I opened an account for Twitter for GRB, then followed WordPress’s directions for adding the feed to the blog. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Here is the page to go to for the directions.

I looked up some other libraries that are Twittering to see what kinds of things they’re doing with it. For GRB, I thought it would be a good idea to just announce programs or other news bits. It looks good!

And I don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day.

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  1. Teresa permalink
    October 13, 2007 10:15 pm

    I’m not sure that link will work for you, but it is an interesting post about using twitter.

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