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A Google gadget for impatient types (like me)

November 20, 2007

About a month ago I added a Google gadget to my Google homepage called the “Days Since”. I have found this to be extemely useful.

I use this gadget to track the days since I initiated a task that requires some kind of reply or action from another person. What the gadget does is that it simply counts the days since you did something.

There were a couple of instances in which I ordered something from Office Depot and then, figuring that I would receive the items in a couple of days, I simply forgot about them. Usually I don’t need to keep on top of Office Depot orders. But for some reason, the items I ordered (including several reams of paper which comes in handy with public computers) got stuck on a truck for a number of days. It wasn’t until about a week later that I noticed the items hadn’t arrived, and the ever-helpful Mike of FIN tracked them down for me. But after getting burned the second time, I decided I’d better find some kind of tool that would help me keep track of stuff like this.

I’ve also used it when I’ve ordered green hold slips, just so I know how long ago I asked for them; I’m tracking an SD card reader that ITS has ordered for me; and I’ve used it to track the days since I asked for our meeting room to be sprayed for fleas (yes, fleas). So it’s kind of like foot-tapping, but a little piece of software does the tapping for you.

So when you really need to stay on top of something that needs to be done, consider trying this little gadget. Or, if you are a clock-watcher, you could look at the “sister” gadget, Days Until.

To get the gadget, log in to your Google homepage, then go to and click “Add to Google”.

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