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Playing with Wii

February 5, 2008

Kids playing WiiThis past weekend we went to Nancy’s to visit. We took the kids along because Nancy has a Wii, and we thought it would be fun to check it out.

I was really impressed! We played the basic games that come along with it–baseball, golf, bowling, tennis and boxing. The kids were eager to try everything. (Amazing how they aren’t afraid of anything, are endlessly curious, and oh how competitive they can be.) Chris and I played baseball and tennis with each other.

The first game I tried was tennis. I thought it was interesting that, unlike real tennis, aim is not as important as timing. We were in beginner mode, so the ball moved really slow when I hit it, but I had to adjust my perception to even hit it at all. I think if I had a Wii I would be one of those people who really could work up a sweat, because I tried hitting the ball full-force, mainly to beat my beloved opponent. But I eventually got the hang of it.

Baseball was a different story. One of my favorite activities this past summer was when we practiced batting with our kids. This is where I learned about the satisfaction of hitting with a wooden baseball bat. The Wii wasn’t as fun. I don’t think I got a single hit! And again, I was swinging full-speed, trying to knock it out of the park. I was much better last summer. While it’s still cold, I think we’ll go to the batting cages instead!

So I am convinced now, that the Wii is totally cool and I understand why we need to offer Wii programs in the library. I also understand why the Wii has been so enthusiastically adopted by seniors. We need to do this!

Watching our kids playing with the Wii remote, I thought about seniors and how much trouble a lot of people have with the traditional computer mouse.  I would love to see the library invest in some laser mice for teaching seniors to use computers.  I hope that the Laptop Lab project will make the situation better because then we can train people to use computers without mice, too.  The mouse has got to GO!

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