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Staff picks

February 21, 2008

One of the first projects I’m working on is getting Sara P’s fabulous Staff Picks display online. There are over 600 titles on the list, so I’m thinking about using

LibraryThing to do it. I looked at Goodreads too, but I don’t think the list will come out as nicely. I’ve been looking closely at LibraryThing today and I’m pretty excited about it!


I’ve been working on this more since our staff meeting, and this is what we’re working with:

  • We can get a widget to paste into our website or just put in a link. LibraryThing widgets don’t work on WordPress blogs, which stinks!
  • 71 results came up when I typed “public library” into user search.
  • Sara has collected 667 titles so far, in an Excel file (Sara, you rock). However, LibraryThing cannot use the list to add titles to our catalog en masse unless ISBNs are attached. So I will need to add ISBNs to the spreadsheet before importing it. This is still better than manually adding 667 records!
  • I will add the staff members’ first names as a tag. The tags are searchable. This will make the list fun and really seem like a “staff suggestions” list.
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