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Staff picks project moving along

February 26, 2008

This morning I finished the first part of the staff picks project.

Last week I uploaded 47 titles to ACPL’s LibraryThing library. Yesterday I added tags indicating which staff had recommended each title, and today I added links to the ACPL catalog.

If the user clicks on a link to the collection, he will (hopefully) see book covers.  This is very attractive and engaging, like our Book Wall.  Clicking on a book cover gives the user a choice of:

  • social–member tags, recommendations, reviews and “Add to your library” option
  • info–a catalog card with a link to our catalog–very spiffy
  • acpl–ACPL’s member profile and tag list, which includes staff first names
  • amazon–links to for purchasing information

Take a look at it and send me a comment.  I think it looks good and people will feel encouraged to share their love of books through this list.  (I logged in as myself later and added the titles that were tagged with my name!  I’m surprised I hadn’t added them to my library before now.)

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