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May 27, 2008

Are you using Jott?

Jott is an absolutely amazing communication tool which allows you to send text messages & e-mails, post to your blog, send out a Tweet, add an item to your Google calendar, and more…all by speaking into your phone.

I love texting, but on my current phone plan, sending a text message costs me money. With Jott, it costs me nothing except phone minutes, and I don’t come anywhere near my limit for those. Also, I receive confirmation SMS back, and my incoming texts are free. And Jott’s phone number is toll-free!

When I told my son about this, he asked me, “Why don’t you just call and talk to the person?” This is a logical question considering Jott will send a text message to another phone, but the recipient of the text isn’t always in a position to answer the phone. Sometimes a text message makes more sense.

Obviously it’s safer to speak a text message while in the car, taking proper precautions (using the phone hands-free).

I plan to use Jott for posting items to my Google calendar, sending a Tweet, posting something quickly to my blog, and sending reminders to myself.

We talk a lot about bringing information to ourselves, but this is a tool for pushing information out.  That said, how can we use this in the library?

Some ideas are:

  • send answers to reference questions–we could easily text a person from a cell phone, standing in the stacks reading the information straight out of a book (such as a call number or other short fact)
  • send a reminder out to a group of people about a program or something else
  • send a short blog post to your library’s blog (like a Tweet, the character limit is 140)

Now that you’ve had the chance to use Jott for a few days, we wanted to give you some tips on how to use Jott to stay organized, in touch, and informed.

Stay Organized with Jott

You can organize Jott messages into lists, such as a To Do list or a Grocery list. Learn more about using Lists

Create reminders for meetings, appointments and important items to follow up on. We’ll send you an email and text message at a specific time so you don’t forget. Learn more about Jott Reminders

Jott even allows you to create calendar appointments using your voice. Learn more about the Google Calendar Jott Link and the 30Boxes Jott link

Stay In Touch with Jott

Send emails and text messages to your friends & colleagues using Jott. It’s a safe alternative to texting while driving. Start now by adding contacts

Or save yourself a bunch of individual phone calls and send a message to everyone on your team, in your group or in your family all at once! Learn how to Jott to a Group, or begin by adding contacts

And, if you’re a hyper-communicator, you can use Jott to post to Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. Learn more about the Blogger Jott Link, the Twitter Jott Link, or the Tumblr Jott Link

Stay Informed with Jott

Jott is also the best way to stay informed while you’re on the go. You can use your voice to shop on or get a Zillow Zestimate. Learn more about the Jott Link or the Zillow Jott Link

The Jott Team – Get Simple Back™

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