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Busy this week

August 15, 2008

I’ve been really busy this week with several tasks.  Projects are starting to heat up so I have a lot to share with you.

Tuesday, our Pay4Print vendor, TBS, came and installed value-adding stations at each agency, where you insert money and scan your library card to give it credit for printouts.  Next week, they will show us how it all works.  I know everyone on the Pay4Print committee has been anxious to take a look at this.  I haven’t seen it in action since before I took this job in February.  Once we are trained, we’ll write a script to make a training video, make cue cards (in English and Maria will make some in Spanish) and on Tuesday we’ll shoot the videos.  Sean, Janet and I will be auditioning for the part. 🙂  We’ll slap it on a DVD which agencies will be able to run near the print stations on their TVs.  We will be doing demos every morning the week of August 25 from 8-9am for any staff who want to come take a peek at how it works.  We’ll install the software and vending modules in branches from Sept 29th through Oct 10th and run it free of charge.  We will have staff out at each agency the morning of installation and as long as needed to make staff and patrons comfortable with how it works.  Finally, on November 3 we will start charging for printing,  5 cents a page.  All this information is on the wiki and ACPL staff can check for updates any time.

Tuesday I went to a new & improved branch operations meeting.  I was really impressed by the productivity in this meeting, and how everyone communicated effectively.  Thank you for letting me be a guest at this meeting.

Wednesday I worked most of the day on my presentation for CYPD.  The Children’s and Young People’s Division of the Indiana Library Federation will have its annual conference at ACPL on September 21-22.  (Wow!  I thought it was a week earlier!  Glad I checked the date!)  My presentation will be called Learning 2.0 Jam Session, and it will be about how children’s and YA librarians can use Learning 2.0 in their work.  I adapted ACPL’s Learning 2.0 program for children’s and YA librarians (changing the examples to appeal to children’s and YA librarians) and I will be presenting about what 2.0 is, why it’s important to learn, and how fun it is.  This will be my first presentation in this job, and really my first big presentation ever.  I’m excited but also nervous and hope I do a good job.

Thursday I went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library with my fellow self-check committee members.  I had been there before back in March, and was blown away by the totally different environment of a library where everyone checks out their own materials.  We got a ton of good information from Michelle Jackson, Circulation Manager, and Joe Yersavich of the Hilltop Branch.  Both were excellent hosts and I got a good sense of how we will make the transition.  I am very positive at this point and really excited about our future at ACPL!

Today I played a bit of catch-up and got in some good troubleshooting practice at the helpdesk.  I couldn’t solve problems, but at least I got to see how printers behave from the back end.  I hope in the future when our printers are acting frisky, I’ll be able to get them back in line.

And now off to the weekend before school starts!  My son’s in a Monty Python play this weekend, and then we have an ice cream social to meet the new teachers.  Seventh grade starts Monday.  Wish us luck!

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  1. August 18, 2008 2:26 pm

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for the kind words and the promotion on your blog. Glad you enjoyed the visit to CML and I hope you found the info useful. I love talking about our service model here in Columbus and am a true believer in the power of Self Checkout. Feel free to contact me anytime. ~Joe Y

  2. Melissa permalink*
    August 18, 2008 2:36 pm

    Hey Joe!

    We really enjoyed ourselves and we were singing CML’s praises here about a half-hour ago in a meeting to review our road trips so far.

    Someone will be calling on you soon to visit ACPL and share your expertise. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude were truly infectious. Thank you!

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