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Pay-4-Print rolled out

September 3, 2008

Yesterday we rolled out Pay-4-Print at the Computer Center of the main library.  I consider this a real success–there have been no big glitches, no huge bugs and no circumstances that we did not anticipate since the planning began way back in the winter.  It is great to see it in action and to know how it works.  The Computer Center staff has been great to work with and they can teach all of us how to deal with something new.  They are relaxed, they roll with the changes and they have welcomed Sean and me into the Computing Center to spend time with them.  IT Services staff has stopped by during these last couple of days also to get a look at Pay-4-Print so they will be familiar with it when it is installed in the branches and the remaining four locations of the main library.

Overall, patrons have accepted the change well.  I am always amazed when something new is introduced and patrons cooperate.  Most people just want to know the rules and what they are supposed to do next.  They want to do the right thing and they are willing to listen and make sure they get it right the first time.  Often, the patrons that stand out in our minds are the ones who don’t want to follow the rules, but I think ACPL staff will be pleasantly surprised by how well our patrons adapt to this big new change.

Here’s the timetable for the remaining rollouts:

Sept 29th – Oct 10th

  • First week DPT, GEO, ABT, WAY, NWH, GRB, PON
  • Second week MON, LTL, SHW, TEC, HSC, WDB, REA, BST, YAS, GEN
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