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David Lee King’s second presentation: mashups

September 16, 2008

Stuff they’re doing on their website:

  • Ask a Librarian via Meebo
  • Meebo on null results page
  • bookmobile stops on Google maps
  • travel guides mirror travel section of physical library

80% of people never been to the library

  • put bookmobile in parade
  • vanity feeds

Be comfortable with 2.0 / make the shift

It’s a way to connect, not a piece of machine she has to work.  We all drive cars, but we don’t have to know how they work or how to fix them.

Invite community leaders to contribute to planning.

Be where the people are.

Equip librarians differently.  Set them up outside the library with laptops, phones, etc.

Brainstorming session ideas:

Live Book discussion group

  • Need a moderator
  • Advertise chats at specific times
  • Remember there are lurkers and there are active users
  • How does Infosciphi’s LSW use Meebo to chat? Is it open all the time, scheduled times?
  • Forums don’t work, everyone just talks
  • During live chat, you must listen

Other groups’ ideas:

-Video tutorials

-Reaching local sports fans by having them post schedules, scores, rosters,

upload photos > librarian’s job is to organize it

-podcasting, videos of storytime, digital collection of refrigerator art

-convert bookmobile to cybermobile

-address seniors’ needs

-show people how to hook up their converter box–ALA is teaming up with Radio Shack and a Radio Shack manager will come to your library and help people hook up

-Wii bowling

-from DLK: make videos for seniors of how to use assistive devices

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