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DTV Sessions at ACPL

October 23, 2008

For months, I have been thinking that we should offer some information sessions at ACPL to guide people through the DTV transition.  I thought about asking ITS staff to consider doing some programs, but they are a little too busy to do this (and they’re all introverts!) so I sort of put the idea on hold.

Then during Library Camp, we were all brainstorming about ideas for services to offer patrons, and I threw the idea out there.  Someone chimed in to share that ALA and Radio Shack have teamed up to offer information sessions in public libraries.  So I jumped on the opportunity and contacted Radio Shack about getting some time at ACPL.

The good news is that Radio Shack representatives will be doing two information sessions at ACPL:

  • November 16, 2008 @ 2:00 pm – Main Library
  • December 6, 2008 @ 3:30 pm – Shawnee Branch (English and Spanish)

The bad news is that Radio Shack representatives will only be doing two information sessions at ACPL.  In order to get the programs in our libraries, I had to fill out a form that went to someone in the Media Relations department of Radio Shack, which is in Fort Worth, Texas.  The very nice woman who scheduled our events had to get them OK’d by someone else, and I don’t know where he works.  But I tried to schedule 14 different events–one at each branch and the main library of ACPL.  With eleven Radio Shack locations in Fort Wayne, I don’t understand why we couldn’t do this.  “Fort Wayne is too small” was the reason given.  Really?  Has this person been to our area?  Allen County is 660 square milesChicago covers 228.  We don’t have the traffic, but we have a lot of distance to cover to get from one place to the next.  Yes, we have a real reason for needing 14 different events.

So we’ve settled with two events from Radio Shack.  But there’s better news: other staff in our library have been working on getting some info sessions set up, working with our local PBS station.  I also talked with Norm of Access Fort Wayne who just attended a meeting with some FCC folks in Michigan and they also discussed DTV.  So, there are plans to have DTV sessions at all of our branches and our main library.  Good for our patrons!

But Radio Shack, you’ve really missed the boat on this one.

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