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A Day in the Life of a Library, Day 5

July 31, 2009

I’ve really enjoyed participating in this Day in the Life of a Library project.

Today is Friday, so I worked our IT helpdesk in the morning.  Since I am a librarian and not a tech, this is always a challenge, but I appreciate the work my coworkers do each time I answer the phone.  Working in IT can be difficult, because people only call when something doesn’t work or they don’t know how to do something and they’re frustrated.  This has been a major hurdle for me to get over in this position, but I keep working at it.  My skin continues to thicken and I’m still able to use my helping skills to do a good job.

August 3 still IMG_0405

This afternoon was dedicated to making my “What’s Happening” video.  I try to get these done every Friday afternoon.  I wrote the script yesterday, a task I normally complete during my helpdesk time if possible.  I had planned to shoot the video at the Tin Caps game last night but my family was with me and it was just too difficult.  Besides, I was beat.  So I shot it this afternoon in my office, and then helped Sean to shoot our first video together in a project we’ll be unveiling soon.  Check back at our website on Monday to see the video.

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