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First half-marathon

September 28, 2009

13.1 miles and all smiles

This past weekend, I reached a goal which I set back in the spring of 2008:  I completed my first official half-marathon!  I planned last year to walk the first annual Fort-4-Fitness, but didn’t sign up in time, so I volunteered.  I was so inspired by this, and began a program of weight loss, reaching my goal in December last year.

Running with my friend Shelby, who I've known since she was little.  She grew up at the library!

Running with my friend Shelby, who I've known since she was little. She grew up at the library!

Then, the day before my birthday, I ran a 5K with my friend Bev, the Reindeer Run.  I planned to walk/run it, but found that I was able to run it most of the way.  This inspired me even further then, to begin a running program.  I used Runner’s World’s Smart Coach to design a half-marathon training program for myself.  I was able to run the half-marathon distance, 13.1 miles, by the beginning of summer; and since then I have been running that distance most Sundays.


Wearing my super-nice technical shirt that came in my goody bag

Running the Fort-4-Fitness is one of the best, most difficult, most wonderful achievements of my life.  I could not help but smile as I began the race with 5,000 other runners.  I slapped a high five with the mayor as I crossed the start line, I saw friends at water stations, I heard two of my favorite inspiring running songs blasting out of boom boxes along the route.  I thanked policemen and ROTC cadets for keeping the roads and intersections clear and safe for us to run; I saw crowds of people clapping for all the runners, not just people they knew; I ran across the words “FINISH STRONG” painted across the road while running through the Williams Woodland Park neighborhood.  Finishing at Parkview field, where our Tin Caps finished a record season, was a phenomenal experience.  I could hear crowds of people cheering, not for me, but for all of us.  And my fiance, who has been my biggest supporter, was there to see me finish. I will never forget this past weekend, my first half-marathon.  Up next: The Veteran’s Marathon & Half-Marathon, where I will be running 13.1 miles again, this time, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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